Your ultimate boudoir session includes.. well, frankly too many cool things to list.. You'll never read it all! So here's the down and dirty basics, if you want more detail, check out the FAQ:

-Professional Hair and Makeup
-90 minutes of shooting time
-3-4 Outfits/Looks
-Wardrobe styling assistance
-Access to the client closet of lingerie and props
-Use of the boudoir studio
-Professional directing and prompting for your face and body

Curious about cost? Contact me for a full pricing list. Your ultimate boudoir experience starts with a down payment of $250. 

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The experience

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A boudoir session can serve as a transformative experience for a woman's self-image and personal growth. It provides you an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, challenge societal expectations, and embrace vulnerability. The process of preparing for a boudoir session, from choosing lingerie to posing in front of the camera, can foster a sense of self-acceptance and self-love. By embracing your body and expressing yourself through the lens, this experience can cultivate a deeper connection with your own identity, enhance your body positivity, and create a lasting reminder of her beauty and strength. Ultimately, a boudoir session can be an empowering journey of self-discovery and self-celebration for any woman. Get in here. 

Treat yourself.

YEP! You and I will have a conversation ahead of time about what kind of images you like and are looking forward to re-creating for yourself. I will absolutely guide you through every pose and facial expression. We can run through the poses I know you will love, or we can create something totally unique to you as well! 

I have no idea what to do. Will you guide me?

You betcha! I offer in-house 0% interest pre-payment plans, I work with Paypal Credit (which you apply for ahead of time), or any other credit/debit situation you may have! I also offer up to 12 month payment plans to break up the cost of your collection for you. 

Is there a way to break the cost into payments?

It totally depends on what you want out of it! The non-refundable retainer is $250. Most clients go on a payment plan for around $240 a month.  shoot will include your professional hair and makeup, access to the client closet and studio, and your shoot time!

How much does this cost?

Short answer- whatever you love and feel good in! Boudoir wardrobes range from nude, to just the sheets, to sexy or cozy lingerie. I have women come in with shorts and Tshirts, pajamas, and even just a slouchy sweater! Some people like to bring a partner's clothing if it's a gift situation. Guess what.. I have a 20+ page prep guide that goes over body types + lingerie types to prepare you for your session, once you book! 

What types of outfits work best for boudoir?

I got you, boo! I have boudoir studio in downtown Gaylord, Michigan that is specifically set up for boudoir! If you'd prefer to do your shoot in your own home, that's totally fine too! We will iron out all the details when you book. 

Where will I get my pictures done?

Ok.. get this. You'll get to see your fully edited images the SAME DAY as your session! Yep! After your shoot, I send you out to lunch, then edit your images while you're away. When you come back, you'll pick your favorites, we'll order your album, wall art, and you'll be on your way! Products usually take about 2 weeks to show up! 

How long will I have to wait before I see/get my images?

It's a collection of lingerie ranging size S-4x that I keep in my studio!  You are free to use any items you like and I wash and sanitize for the next client! Most clients bring their own stuff, but I've had at least a handful of people not get their items in time and need to borrow for their shoot which is TOTALLY FINE! There is also an assortment of handcuffs, masks, a spreader bar, among other things. If you use any bondage-type props I will need to take a copy of your ID by law. 

What is a client closet?

Yep! I can't legally serve alcohol but you are most welcome to bring some! 

Can I get some liquid courage?

Cool! I like inquisitive minds. Hit the contact button and let's chat it out!

I have more questions! 

I love talking to my clients on the phone before we book, that way we can make sure we are a good fit. Let's be real, you're about to take your clothes off in front of me.. we need to chat first ;) 

The first step is to simply leave your info. I'll reach out via email before we schedule any kind of a call!


Thank you!

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Beauty begins when you decide to embrace and celebrate your authentic self, without apology or hesitation. Boudoir is a powerful reminder that your sensuality and confidence radiate from within, and capturing that essence through the lens is a testament to your strength and allure.

bare beauty by liz

just be yourself

Beauty is not defined by society's standards, but by the confidence and self-love that radiates from within. Boudoir is the art of embracing your unique allure and celebrating your journey to self-acceptance.

all are welcome here

bare beauty by liz

In the realm of boudoir, every body is a masterpiece, where art intertwines with the raw beauty of diverse forms, celebrating the unique canvas that each individual brings.

every body is art

bare beauty by liz





so much fun!

I never thought i could feel so incredible about the way i look with almost nothing on!